Moniteau Virtual Academy

Moniteau School District is proud to offer the Moniteau Virtual Academy for students at the junior/senior high school and Dassa McKinney Elementary. These academies started for the 2021–2022 school year as flexible full-time educational programs offered to any student in the district. This program is a full-time asynchronous schooling option that differs from previous quarantine student and classroom options.


Student Expectations:

  • I will give my best effort in each class, this means Monday to Friday I will do forty five minutes to one hour of work in each subject per day.
  • I will spend a total of at least 5.6 hours on my classes Monday through Friday each day.
  • I understand my actual grade is what I look at in Edgenuity and will monitor my daily progress to ensure I am following along with the class every day.
  • I will email my teacher if I need assignments unlocked or want retries on assignments, quizzes, or tests.
  • I understand that I am removed from the Moniteau Virtual Academy at the discretion of Mr. DiCaprio and the administrative team at any time if I break the rules or am not completing the work on my end.
  • I understand that I am asked to come back in person schooling if I am marked absent for 10 consecutive days, failing in two or more courses, or become court ordered. If necessary, I am told to come back to in person instruction based on unexcused absences or school policies.
  • Only I am completing my work and not getting help from anyone except teachers

Attendance Expectations:

  • I will complete work in Edgenuity for forty five minutes to one hour each day (Monday to Friday) in each course I am enrolled in.
  • I will complete at least 5.6 hours each day of school work in Edgenuity.
  • I will turn in an excuse no later than three days after my absence if I have less than 5.6 hours each day.
  • I will report power outages or computer issues as soon as possible for Mr. DiCaprio to denote.
  • I will reach out to my homeroom teacher or Mr. DiCaprio if I am ever marked absent.
  • I am removed or asked to return to in person instruction if I do not meet my requirements.

Parent Expectations:

  • I will not complete the work my child is doing in class but am encouraged to help study with them.
  • I will reach out to the teacher of record for any issues with my son/daughter/child. I understand my child is withdrawn for not following the rules or regulations as outlined.