Moniteau Administration

Our administrators and educators are completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at Moniteau, and they work tirelessly to help them to unlock that future.


Thomas Samosky
ext. 2001

Jeffrey Campbell
Director of Buildings/Grounds
ext. 1770

David DiCaprio
Director of Online Learning & Curriculum & Instruction
ext. 1703

Peg Burdick
Business Manager
ext. 2850

Lance Fox
High School Principal
Site Administration
(724) 637.2091

Nicole Fox
Dassa McKinney Elementary Assistant Principal

Paula Bredl
Director of Special Education
ext. 1119

Aubrie Schnelle
Junior-Senior High School Assistant Principal

Athletic Director/Director of Transportation
ext. 1128

Dustin Thompson
Elementary Principal
Site Administration
(724) 637.2321

Carrie Plecher
Director of Food & Nutrition Services
(724) 637.2091, Ext. 1760

district staff

Susan Kirschner
Secretary to the Superintendent
(724) 637.2117

Debbi Mihalek
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
(724) 637.2117

Cindy Brown
Accounts Payable
(724) 637.2117

Devon Rock
Secretary to Buildings & Grounds/Receptionist
(724) 637.2117