Technology is a vital part of learning today. It is a powerful learning tool that students can carry with them into high school and beyond. We are proud to provide the latest technology in all our classrooms, which we introduce at age-appropriate intervals. Each teacher receives training specific to the resources we provide so they can maximize the use of devices in their classrooms. 

Email Etiquette

Although technology is ever-changing, basic rules of etiquette still apply. Consider the following:

Human contact still matters.
Don't communicate electronically at the expense of personal interaction. There's a reason people discuss things face-to-face, and there are times when no substitute will do—whether you're breaking up with your boyfriend or asking your boss for a raise.

Pay attention to your words.
Computers can bring people together, but its impersonal nature can lead to miscommunication. The subtleties of language do not easily translate over the computer. Not seeing or hearing things like body language, voice inflection, and tone can change the meaning of what you say.

Hit “send” purposefully.
What you say in cyberspace cannot be taken back. You have no control over where your words go once you've hit the "send" button; they can be saved and forwarded to anyone. Consequently, words have come back to hurt people, destroy friendships, and ruin careers.

Technology Staff

Amber Dillaman
Technology, Instruction, and Innovation Coach

Alix Greenawalt
Network and PC Technician

Theodorre Ortmann
Computer Technician